Two Year-Old Shot By Three Year-Old Sister
(KUTV) A two year-old boy from Cache County was rushed to the hospital and into surgery Friday night after he was shot in the abdomen by his three year-old sister.  Lt. Mike Peterson with the Cache County Sheriff's Office said it was a terrible accident.

The call to police was made from the boy's home at 6:40 p.m.  The child's mother was home when the shooting happened.  Lt. Peterson said it was not clear how the sister got a hold of the .22 caliber rifle and shot her brother.   "We are trying to give the family some space," said Peterson who emphasized an investigation will happen to determine if there was negligence. 

Neighbor Melodee Olsen ran to the victim's house when she heard the sound of sirens.  She watched as paramedics rushed the boy from the scene.  She said the family has only been living in the community of Young Ward for about a year and mostly keep to themselves. 

By: Cristina Flores

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Utah Connections to Everest Avalanche
(KUTV) A Utah man preparing his ascent to the top of Mt. Everest is doing fine, according to his daughter. Greg Paul was on a neighboring mountain getting used to the elevation change when the avalanche struck Everest, killing 12 Nepalise climbing guides; another four guides were missing as of Friday night.
Greg Paul is the part owner of Momentum Climbing gym in Sandy. As an avid outdoors man it's his lifelong dream to summit Everest.  "He had already been there once and tried to summit, so I think that he's really driven," says John Vickers, who works at the climbing gym, and is helping Greg manage his blog while he's on the journey.
Vickers says Greg Paul is attempting to climb the mountain after having double knee replacement surgery. "I don't think that something like this, as long as it's still safe, is going to stop him either," says Vickers.
Greg's journey to the summit of Everest, is only possible with the help of Nepalise climbing guides, known as Sherpas. They are a group of men that risk their lives preparing the way for little pay, so westerners can achieve glory at the summit.
"The Sherpas really are the backbone of Everest," says Jerry Mika, who's a close friend of Apa Sherpa, the man who's climbed Everest more than anyone. "They set the ropes and carry the ladders. Without the Sherpas, climbing Everest would be very difficult."
Mika was a base camp manager for a 2007 Everest expedition, now he's the president of the Utah-based, Apa Sherpa Foundation, a charity that helps the families of the Sherpas.
"At 12,500 feet, they don't have a lot of school supplies up there, so our goal is to get them up to date, pay the new teachers, we just built libraries," he says.
After this latest tragedy, that killed at least 12 Everest Sherpa guides, Mika says caring for the Sherpa children is more important than ever. "If we can get those little guys educated and get them off to the next level, they won't have to carry for the westerners, or carry for the little bit of money that they do make," he says.
As for Greg Paul's Everest journey, his daughter says he's saddened by the loss of life and concerned now that his effort to reach the summit may have taken a major setback.

By: Chris Miller

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SLCPD Arrest Man with $250,000 in Warrants After Fleeing Traffic Stop
(KUTV) What would have been an ordinary traffic stop became the apprehension of a man who has two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in old warrants.

On Friday officers attempted to stop a vehicle and at first the driver, Justin Tyler Delage did comply. The vehicle initially pulled over, but soon after he changed his mind. As the officer approached the driver, the vehicle drove off.

According to police, that is when the chase began. Delage allegedly headed west on 1300 South, until he crashed at the intersection of 500 West.

Delage then exited the vehicle and began to run; police pursued and eventually took him into custody.

In addition to the warrants and evading charges the police say they discovered methamphetamine.

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Comic Con Interview: Billy Dee Williams
(KUTV) Back by popular demand, Billy Dee Williams was among the faces that attended Comic Con on Friday.

The man that made Lando Calrisson a house hold name took a couple minutes to talk with us about what Mr. Calrisson may be up to today.

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I-15 Expansion Project Underway in Davis County
(KUTV) Construction season is officially underway in Utah and one of the biggest projects launched by UDOT will affect Davis County drivers.

Friday marks the beginning of the I-15 South Davis project which is intended to cut down on freeway congestion during peak hours.

Project managers say the construction will include adding express lanes in both directions from the North I-215 interchange to U.S. 89 in Farmington.  Once the construction is finished, Utah will have the longest continuous express lane in the nation, stretching from Santaquin to Layton.

The project will also include the replacement of I-15 bridges at 2600 South and 1500 South in Woods Cross, and near 500 South and 400 North in Bountiful.

State legislators who helped secure the 117 million dollars needed for the project are concerned about the growing congestion in Davis County.  According to State Senator Stuart Adams, the South Davis project will help lay plans for future growth throughout the state. “We understand as a state, the connection between infrastructure and economic development.  When you invest in infrastructure, economic development comes with it.” 

The construction is not expected to wrap up until late summer of 2015. 

To minimize traffic congestion, I-15 will remain open with no restrictions during peak hours.

During the construction phase, UDOT is asking drivers to consider alternate routes such as Legacy Highway and U.S. 89 to avoid congestion.

By Jonelle Merrill

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Comic Con Economic Bang Likely Less Than Other Conventions
(KUTV) Fantasy heroes, villains, and foils in a "cosplay" extravaganza at Comic Con may not be a feast for downtown Salt Lake businesses, compared to other conventions that sweep through the Salt Palace.

"The real value of these shows is what they do to the community, the vibrancy, and the quality of life they lend to the community," said Scott Beck, CEO of the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau.  "We just don't do a lot of research on consumer shows."

But Beck knows some facts from the original Comic Con, widely viewed as a big success.

"Based on last year's demographics, 92 percent (of Comic Con goers) were from the State of Utah," said Beck.  "52 percent were from the Salt Lake Valley."

Much of the Comic Con crowd won't stay in hotels, maybe won't be waiting for tables at downtown restaurants, in contrast to say, the Outdoor Retailers Convention, which draws tens of thousands of people, overwhelmingly from out of town.

Still, Beck is a Comic Con fan, and attendees are peppering money for the spectacle inside the Salt Palace.

A stay-at-home mom said she bought a $60 three day pass, and estimated she spent $270 for different costumes each day.  "The one I was wearing yesterday was about $130," she told 2News.

David Christensen, of Magna, said he spent between $200-250, counting tickets.  On Friday, he was in line for a celebrity autograph, and said he was willing to pay for a few strokes of the pen from James Marsters.

The founder of Comic Con, Dan Farr, said he wants more information about the effects on the economy.

"We're going to have an impact study done," said Farr, who is hoping for numbers that might leap tall buildings in a single bound, which he thinks would be good for the show.

"I want to keep a full time job doing it," Farr said.  "I love it, and I want to continue to do it."

By: Brian Mullahy

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