Paraglider Critically Injured at Point of the Mountain
(KUTV) A 32-year-old paraglider suffered critical injuries after his parachute collapsed near Point of the Mountain in Draper on Sunday afternoon, according to Unified Fire Authority.

The man was paragliding with friends at the flight park about 3 p.m., when the canopy collapsed 15 to 20 feet from land, sending him crashing into the mountainside, said UFA Battalion Chief Brian Anderton. 

"He experienced a partial parachute collapse, which swung him into the mountainside with some velocity," Anderton said. "It doesn't seem like he fell an extremely long distance, but the velocity that he went into the hillside was enough to cause some trauma."

Crews found him unconscious but breathing 100 to 150 feet up the mountain. Unified Fire Authority called in a technical rescue team to scale the steep terrain and, by setting up ropes, carry him down to AirMed paramedics. The medical helicopter transported him to the University of Utah Hospital in critical condition with possible head trauma.

The victim's friend, Derek Mazur, had been paragliding with him earlier in the day and was on the ground watching when his friend crashed. Mazur said his friend, who was wearing a helmet, was gliding too low.

"He just came down the mountain a little bit. He was getting super low over here and just took a little turbulence and collapsed part of his wing, and it kind of spun him up," Mazur said. "He's well experienced. He knows what he's doing. Just kind of that time of year. Spring, the air is really rough and a lot of turbulence."

Anderton reminded paragliders to take extra precautions, especially when the weather is rough or the location is unfamiliar.

"Our crews respond to these incidents far too often. We go to several of these every year," Anderton said. "I would just recommend to people that they make sure that they're wearing the appropriate safety gear. Pay attention to the weather conditions and be familiar with what they're getting into."

Officials did not release the name of the victim, saying only that he is originally from California. Mazur said he travels around a lot but is often in Utah.

By Christine L. McCarthy

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Megan Huntsman to Make Court Appearance Monday
(KUTV) Megan Huntsman--the woman at the center of the dead baby case in Pleasant Grove--is headed to court.

She is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Utah County. Authorities will also release the autopsy results of the seven deceased infants.

Prosecutors alleged Huntsman suffocated six of the babies. The 39-year-old woman is still being held in the Utah County Jail in Provo on $6 million bail.

In addition to the autopsies, investigators have brought in the FBI to help Utah officials analyze DNA taken from the seven babies. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Shoe Company Says its Footwear Can Make You Run Faster
(KUTV) OREM -- A local running shoe company has raced its way into the top 10 specialty running stores in the country, and they're not stopping there.

Altra shoes says their footwear can not only fix your running style, but could make you faster too.

Golden Harper, founder of Altra Shoes, started making his own shoes with a friend less than 4 years ago, and says it all started with a toaster oven.

It started when he was working at his family's shoe store. He and his father noticed many people coming into the store had pain in their joints and were looking for more comfortable running shoes.

"We started filming our customers, we realized they had really well without shoes on, and really well in flats or spikes," Golden Harper explained. And then we would put them into a traditional running shoe that we're selling in the store, they ran with much higher impact, and not nearly as well.a

When he was just 25 years old, Golden started altering shoes using a toaster oven.

"I had a toaster oven where I was at," he said. "We heated them up until the glues would separate, and then we'd pull the outer-soles off."

Along two others, Brian Beckstead and Jeremy Howlett, they got rid of the thick heel, making the shoe flat, and equal from toe to heel.

"Taking the excess height and weight out of the shoes so to allow people to run the way they naturally run," he said.

Golden says Altra shoes actually teach people to run better. He says when his dad was in college, he suffered an injury and needed to learn to run with low impact to his legs. Golden learned that from a young age, but says many people aren't taught to run correctly, and instead run with a high impact, causing injury.

For Golden, that running technique was taught from an early age. He started running marathons as a 10-year-old, following in his parent's footsteps.

"My mom actually won the St. George marathon twice," he said.

And his dad won it once as well. When Golden was 12 years old, he ran the St. George marathon in 2:45 hours, which was a world best time for a 12 year old.

Altra Zero Drop shoes have been on the market for less than 4 years, and they're already in the top 8 of running shoes. Ashleigh Jameson says she switched over to Altra shoes when she saw a demo while working at a women's specialty shoe store.

She says she was originally taught to run with a longer stride. But when she switched to Altra shoes, she says she turns over faster from one foot to the other.

"I feel like I could go for hours, you know, running in proper form," she says, now working for Altra.

And she says, it's made her faster. "My half marathon time when I ran with a regular running shoe's| was 2:10," she said. "And then the last couple of half marathons I've done, I've been in the 1:40s."

Golden says speed wasn't the goal in creating this flat footwear, but helping people run better.

"My passion with this was to fix injured runners. It was all about helping people run better and not get injured," he says.

And with his shoes in over 700 running stores nationwide, he says the message is getting out there. "Our shoes teach people," he said.

The shoes even come in a box with advice for improving your running technique, but Golden says just running in Altra shoes make the big difference.

For more information about Altra shoes,

By Lana Medina

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Former Alta Students Raise Money With Cardboard Castles
(KUTV) For most little kids - and some big ones - this is the stuff of dreams. Turning thousands of boxes into the world's biggest cardboard fort.

The dream started five years ago with four friends from Alta High School.

"We just did it because we were bored during the summer, and we had just graduated from high school and wanted to do one last crazy hurrah," Bryson Frehner said.

"We saw a huge dumpster of cardboard and Nick got the idea of, 'Let's build a cardboard fort. That would be fun,'" Russell Steed told 2News

So they built a giant fort with 238 boxes in Russell's back yard, posted the video online, and soon received an official certificate. 

"We're world record holders.  Sweet!" Frenher said.

Then they went their separate ways. To college, Mormon missions, and charity work around the world. They came back to a surprise.  Their record had gone down, Frehner was shocked.

"I was online and saw that Harvard beat us, and I thought,  'No way!'

But not just Harvard. Universities all over the country had taken on the tall task of building the world's biggest fort. 238 boxes had turned into thousands.

So the men from Alta decided they needed another hurrah. And this time, they'd build something bigger than the Buckingham Palace of forts.They'd help build better lives.

Nick goes to India every year with a charity called Youth Making a Difference. So the team decided they'd use their fort-building project to help educate 27 orphaned girls.
To do that, they needed to raise $15,000 and collect a lot of boxes. They pooled their own money, rented space at the Sandy Expo Center, asked for volunteers to work on the project.

They hoped to more than double the record.

"It's an awesome feeling knowing that we're not just doing it for fun this time, but we're doing it for a good cause," Steed said.

One could say the project was their purpose and drive. All four say their time overseas changed everything.

"It changed the entire way I look at life - seeing different needs I never knew existed, and that's what we're trying to fill right now," said group member Jeff Handy.

Four friends whose experiences have taught them, that even better than a world record, is a record of doing good in the world.

"I think that's really every kid's dream," Handy said. "To take someone who needs something and be able to help them."

Follow this link for more information on their fundraising project.

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Hogle Zoo Celebrates Easter With an 'Egg Scramble'
(KUTV) Hundreds of families packed Hogle Zoo Sunday for an Easter celebration dubbed: "Hippity Hoppity Egg Scramble."

The animals were the stars of the event, as they devoured some tasty Easter treats. "Some of them received Easter egg shaped pinatas--the grizzly bear scouted for colored eggs," Community Relations Coordinator, Erica Jansen said.

Bears, elephants and monkeys were given egg shaped treats. But it was the zoo's tiger that caught the attention of one young patron.

"When the tiger ate his Easter egg, it was in a tree. He like, jumped out and ripped it out with his paws, that was really cool."

The zoo also had an Easter egg hunt for kids, in which kids collected the eggs and turned them in for Easter bags filled with goodies.

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Kearns Boy Dies After Being Run Over By SUV
(KUTV) The Unified Police Department says a toddler died Saturday after the driver of an SUV accidentally ran over the boy while backing out of the driveway.

Police responded to 5420 West Panda Way in Kearns just before 1 p.m. and found that a male driver of a Chevy Tahoe had backed over the 1-year-old boy, Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal said in a press release.

The boy was transported to the hospital in extremely critical condition but passed away a short time later.

Hoyal said in the release that the boy was playing in the front yard with other kids at time of the accident. The driver, who is related to the victim, warned the kids to stay back.

The accident is still being investigated, but at this point police are calling it an unfortunate accident, Hoyal said.

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