Ogden boy hopes to represent USA in Olympic cup stacking championship
(KUTV)  10-year-old Jeremy Gerritsen is training to join team USA for the next Olympic Cup Stacking Championship. 

Gerritsen started training in December after being introduced to the sport by his gym teacher.  He enjoyed cup stacking so much that he trained at home for three hours a day and is already one of the fastest stackers in the West.

The Gerritsen family raised money at the Ogden Farmer's Market on Saturday for their big trip to Iowa, where Jeremy will compete against other young cup stackers in the Junior Olympics. 

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Evacuation order lifted for Rockport Fire in Summit County
(KUTV) Firefighters are working to put out a blaze which started Friday afternoon in Summit County and an evacuation order placed earlier on more than 200 homes in the area has been lifted.

The fire is located in The Rockport Estates area of Wanship. It started Friday afternoon, causing hundreds of people to evacuate. As of 10:15 p.m. Friday, the fire was 45 percent contained and burned about 120 acres.

This same place caught fire last year, destroying more than a dozen homes. That brought a eerie sense of deja vu for a lot of people at Rockport Estates as the latest fire sparked.

"I've got my dogs up there, my two Labrador retrievers," a desperate Vicki Peppler pleaded with a Utah Highway Patrol officer blocking State Road 32 into Rockport Estates.

"We're not allowing anybody up there," responded the officer.

"I'm begging you," said Peppler, who lives on Crestview Drive. "This happened to me last year."

"We're not allowing anybody up there," the officer reiterated.

"Very sad, very sad," said Peppler as she stepped back to her car. "We've had this whole thing happen again. Not sure if I want to live at Rockport anymore."

The fire apparently sparked in a yurt -- basically a giant tent. David Chec lives right where it happened.

"Grabbed the phone to call 911, looked out the window again and saw complete walls of flames that was surrounding the guy's yurt," Chec said.
He, his wife, and his son got out quickly. They grabbed cameras, hard drives, and their fire box. It's a routine they've perfected after last year.
"We were out quicker and with less stress," said Chec. "We just shrugged our shoulders and said, what can you do."

Summit County Sheriff's officers went door to door, sounding the alarm for everyone.

"Because of last year we learned, and we immediately called out search and rescue, called in extra personnel, and that was our priority is, to evacuate," said Sheriff's Captain Justin Martinez.

Meanwhile, crews from several agencies descended on the rural area to fight flames on land and in the sky.

"They've been putting in dozer lines around the fire," said North Summit Fire spokesman Tyler Rowser. "We've had the helicopters and air tankers in. That helps slow down the progress of the fire."

After several hours, one thing was clear -- Rockport Fire part two is not the same as part one.

"This fire is not as rough as last year was," said Rowser.

That is a relief for people having to relive this nightmare.

"Last year was a couple of days of pure hell," said Chec. "This year not so much."

Firefighters say they do not know what caused the original structure fire that led to the bigger blaze. They say they will not get to that until they get this fire under control.

The Wanship LDS church was set up as the shelter for Rockport Estate evacuees earlier Friday evening. No one was allowed into Rockport Estates at the time and Utah Highway Patrol blocked access to the community.

This in the second time a fire has occurred in the area in a year. In 2013, 14 homes were destroyed. That fire triggered a major Red Cross response and recovery effort. Firefighters say they have learned their lessons from last year. That is why they were so quick to try to get people out this time around.

By: Daniel Woodruff

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Photo courtesy of Brian Nino.

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