Unified Police Investigate Suspicious Death in Taylorsville
(KUTV) On Wednesday Taylorsville police began investigating the suspicious death of a body found during a welfare check.

Police received a call from family members that were concerned they had not heard from the 59-year-old woman that owns the home since Saturday.

Officers responded to 3973 Blue Meadow Drive and found the body after entering the home and say there were no signs of forced entry.

"As part of our investigation, the officer here at the home went and searched the house, and in the process of searching the house, he found a deceased body inside there," said Justin Hoyal of the Unified Police Department.

"We don't know if in fact it is the 59-year-old woman who was reported missing," Hoyal said.

The identity of the body has not been determined and police are treating the case as a homicide. Autopsy results are expected Thursday.

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Fire Destroys House in Millcreek, Threatens Creek
(KUTV) About 50 fire crews rushed to the blaze at 2680 East Evergreen in the Salt Lake County community of Millcreek.  Unified Fire Battalion Chief Brian Anderton said as soon as they got to the scene, crews realized they could only fight the blaze from the outside.  Tall trees and brush surrounding the property were also on fire. 

The homeowner was not home at the time, but his pets were.  A shark, three cats and a bird were unaccounted for at the time this story was posted. 

Hazmat crews and the Salt Lake County Health Department were on scene monitoring runoff from the fire to make sure it did not contaminate the nearby creek which provides irrigation water.   Anderton said tests of the water showed there was no contamination.

By: Cristina Flores

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Get Gephardt: National Mortgage Settlement Payments Delayed to Thousands
(KUTV) Bank of America foreclosed on Michelle and Shelby Ashley's Ogden home in 2008 after the owners couldn't make their mortgage payments.

Michelle and Shelby say they didn't want to be foreclosed upon and had tried to work with the bank to modify their loan. They say it was difficult to work with the bank which kept losing their paperwork and often wouldn't answer their phones.

Michelle and Shelby's was a common complaint; one that landed Bank of America and other lenders in hot water. Several state's attorneys general banded together to go after the banks. Ultimately the banks agreed to pay $2.5 billion back to homeowners in what was called the National Mortgage Settlement.

That announcement was made in June of 2013 but eight months later Michelle and Shelby still haven't seen their roughly $1,480 cut.

They've sent additional information in to the settlement administrator and they've spent hours on the phone trying to get an answer to the simple question: where is the money?

"[The administrator says] just sometime in the future they'll be sending it," Shelby said. "They don't know when."

"I just want them to release the money," Michelle said.

Frustrated, Michelle and Shelby decided to Get Gephardt to investigate.

The National Mortgage Settlement was being administered by a Minnesota company called Rust Consulting, Inc. Rust deferred questions back to the attorneys general who brought the case, specifically the Iowa attorney general's office which spear-headed the whole lawsuit.

Calls to Iowa finally yielded some answers. Assistant attorney general Wade Theraway said that Michelle and Shelby are not alone in their wait. The banks have paid and in turn most victims were promptly paid. But approximately 20,000 people including Michelle and Shelby were delayed because of a taxpayer identification number problem. In those delayed cases, the victim's TIN didn't match with the social security administration's records.

Theraway said his office deliberately delayed payments to victims like Michelle and Shelby for about six weeks to make sure the money paid out would not have to be paid back in taxes due to the taxpayer identification number issue.

Sure enough, the time frame held true. Michelle and Shelby finally received their check about nine months after the settlement was announced.

The Utah attorney general's office says that a total of $10.5 million has been distributed to more than 7,000 Utahns who had trouble working with banks trying to avoid losing their homes thanks to the National Mortgage Settlement.

By Matt Gephardt
Produced by Michelle Poe
Photography by Brian Morris
Edited by Eric Bresee

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Utah Prepares for the Great Shakeout
(KUTV) Emergency managers say the Salt Lake valley is about 30 years overdue for a major earthquake. Experts say the earthquake could range in magnitude from a 5.5 to 7.0. At 10:15 this morning earthquake drills known as the Great Utah ShakeOut were held across the Wasatch Front. At John C. Fremont Elementary School in Taylorsville, kids knew just what to do when they heard the rumble. Holly Menino was there to watch the kids complete the drill.

You can join in Thursday by registering and participating at your home or workplace.  For more, visit greatshakeout.org/utah

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Senator Hatch Weighs In On Nevada Cattle Battle
(KUTV) "Don't let it spread to Utah" - that's what Senator Orrin Hatch is saying to BLM officials about the Nevada cattle battle.

"I don't want a Waco situation where there are deaths, and to devolve into that kind of situation," said Hatch in an interview with 2News Wednesday.

Senator Hatch says the entire Utah delegation has asked the Bureau of Land Management to avoid violence in the Cliven Bundy cattle battle.

The BLM obtained court orders and started rounding up Bundy's cattle.  They say he has refused to pay grazing fees for 20 years - but Bundy says the land belongs to the state of Nevada, and he owes nothing.

Hatch says he wants to keep the problem in Nevada, where it is now.

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Pay It Forward: Blankets For Shriners
(KUTV) Kourtnie Bush wants to provide comfort and love for the many children being treated at Shriners Hospital for Children.

Kourtnie and dozens of classmates are helping in the Community of Caring class to make blankets for sick children. They are this week's Pay It Forward recipient.

You can help these teens help other children at https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Blankets-for-Shriners/1398953150246107 or contact Shriners directly at http://www.shrinershospitalsforchildren.org.

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