Counterfeit money is making its way through Salt Lake City
(KUTV) Several stores have been hit, and it appears the crooks are pushing a certain type of bill.
Jamie Reynolds manages the Arctic Circle on North Temple. Twice recently, customers have tried to pay with fake $10 bills. One of them got away with it. The other did not.
"We had a young lady come in with a $10 bill and try to say that we gave it to her, and we didn't," said Reynolds. "We basically called the police and filed a report with them."
Police say the Arctic Circle isn't the only place counterfeiters have hit over the past few days. They've also tried to pass fake money at a Payless Shoe Store, Chevron, and two 7-11 convenience stores. All of them are located in and around downtown.
"They're not sticking to the same establishments," said Salt Lake Police Detective Veronica Montoya. "They're just trying to pass them anywhere they can."
Salt Lake police don't know yet if these cases are connected.
"It sounds like we're getting some different descriptions," said Montoya. "We've got video we need to go back and review. Hopefully we'll get some good suspect information."
But police say whoever is doing it is following a pattern
"In every case they are ten dollar bills," said Montoya. She said they believe the crooks are focusing on those bills because they typically don't get checked.
Back at Arctic Circle, employees now have to scrutinize all the small bills, thanks to the counterfeiters.
"We use the counterfeit pens to check them, and we also check them to make sure that the feel of it is right," said Reynolds.
Meanwhile, police continue to investigate the fake funds.
"We're just trying to pinpoint where it's coming from," said Montoya, adding the perpetrators will "be doing some serious jail time if they do get caught." Knowingly passing counterfeit money is a felony.
If you have any information about this case, give Salt Lake police a call at 801-799-3000. You can also tip them anonymously on their website at

By: Daniel Woodruff

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Drug dealer mistakenly texts cops
(KUTV) A drug dealer thought she was selling to a frequent buyer, but was surprised to learn she was actually texting a cop.

The Weber County Sheriff's Office received a report from an Ogden resident about an offer to buy drugs, which came from an unknown number.

"I assume she tried typing in a number and misdialed," said Deputy Tyrel Dalton, who handled the case.

Dalton borrowed the phone number and started exchanging texts with the dealer, posing as an interested buyer. "I asked if she had any pills I could buy, she said, 'absolutely.'"

The dealer thought the officer was a customer and agreed to sell a dozen Percocet for $60.

"I just had her meet me at the 7/11 on 12th Street and she showed up," said Dalton, who says the dealer continued to exchange texts, even as two marked patrol cars pulled up on either side of her car.

Stacy Coles, 38, was booked into the Weber County Jail, on suspicion of attempted distribution of a controlled substance.

"It's a game of cat and mouse, their job is to get away with it, our job is to catch them," said Dalton. "We won this time."

Officials say the dealer didn't have Percocet in her possession when arrested, but admitted she had the intention of ripping off the buyer by selling ibuprofen.

By: Chris Miller

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Pride center debuts counseling service for LGBT people
(KUTV) The Utah Pride Center held a grand opening ceremony Thursday for its new Community Counseling and Wellness Center at 255 East 400 South in Salt Lake. 

Joshua Bravo, one of three licensed clinical social workers at the center said it's a goal "to find a safe space for our clients to be themselves."
Bravo said LGBT people have high rates of suicide and depression.  Many struggle with alcohol and drug addiction too.  He said coming out often causes stress for LGBT people and their families.
A new hotline will also offer help to loved ones of LGBT people including parents, who are not sure how to deal with a child when he or she comes out.   Spanish-speaking counselors who not only speak the language, but understand Latino culture are also available.  That Hotline is (801)580-4304.
The center will also help people with non-LGBT issues.  The Community Counseling and Wellness Center accepts most insurances, Medicaid & Medicare and offers reduced fees for those who are uninsured and on limited incomes.
To make an appointment you can call (801)539-8800 Ext. 116 or 136

By: Cristina Flores

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