Check Your Health
Primary Care Doctors Trained to Diagnose Mental Illness
Experts: Concussion Education is Important to High School Athletes
Researchers Hoping for a "Vaccine" Against Falls
Common School Injuries and how to Prevent them
Poll: Parents Uncomfortable With Youth Football
Garrett Harding, Huntsman Cancer Institute:
Farmers Market Will Match Food Stamp Benefits
A Call for Stronger Regulations on Electronic Cigarettes
Health Officials Investigating Outbreak of Illnesses
Doctors Recommend Delaying School Start Times
NAMI Utah Offers Free Resources to Educate About Mental Illness
First Human Case of West Nile Virus Reported in Utah
Acupuncture Used to Help Patients at Primary Children's Hospital
Enhanced fitness class free for seniors
Got Breakfast?
Hospital Network Hacked
Importance of Annual Exams for Children and Young Teens
Doctors Say Young Teens Should be vaccinated for HPV
Utah Awarded $1 Million to Prevent Prescription Drug Overdoses
Memory-Boosting Foods
Possible Ebola vaccine?
West Nile Virus Detected in Utah County
Hope for cancer patients without a bone marrow match
Healthy Lunches
Finding the right balance with snacks
Experts stress support system to fight substance abuse
Skin Cancer and Moles
Ride, Cancer Awareness Unites a Community
Keep Kids Safe This Holiday Weekend
"Urgent" Need for Blood Donations
Nationwide Fruit Recall
West Nile Virus Activity Detected in Utah
Experts: Now is the time to work on joint health
The therapeutic benefits of horses
IT Band Friction Syndrome
How Not to be Miserable While Being Active
Walking Further Could Win You a Free Gift Card
Health Hub app
Staying Hydrated in Summer Heat
Expect More Questions From Your Doctor
Check Your Health at the 2News Health Expo
Building Strength With the "Build Me Up" Program
Getting Your Life Back with Knee Replacement Surgery
New technology reduces radiation exposure
Fighting ADHD among women
Safe Hiking While in Southern Utah
Camp for Kids of All Abilities
Importance of sunscreen protection
Can Watching TV Lead to Premature Death?
Concussions and the Impact of New Laws
The Puuurrrfect Volunteer Opportunity
Program Gives Young Athletes a Competitive Edge
Physical therapy for joint replacement
Food Safety in the Summer Heat
ATV Safety Education and Information
Yes! There is Such a Thing as Exercising Too Much
Advocate Accepts Living with Bipolar Disorder
Staying Cool During the Summer Months
Surgery Can Help You Get Back On The Playing Field
Drowning Hazards in Utah
Staying Cool When It Is Hot Outside
New Report Suggests Many Kids are Physically Unfit
Healthy Hikes
Experts Remind Everyone to Share the Trails
Women's Preventative Care
Pancreatic Cancer on the Rise
Diet Change after Cancer Fight
Burning Calories with Bows and Arrows
Complacency or Plateau?
Cancer Survivor Changes Diet
Exercising Outside
Exercising Your Pets
Young Mom Diagnosed with Rare Genetic Disorder
Signs of Skin Cancer
Keeping Hair with Cold Cap Therapy
FDA Approves New Pill for Grass Allergies
Doctors Help Women Move on After Mastectomy
New Report on Diabetes Complications
New Regulations for Electronic Cigarettes Proposed
Possible Health Risk Associated With Marijuana Use
Target Radiation for Cancer
You Can Start Growing Outdoors
Canine Recreation Center Opens In SLC
Wear Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes
Start Your Garden Indoors
Brother Gives Gift of Life
Fitness Craze at the "Barre"
Active Life Style Increases Brain Function Later On
Dental Students Reach Out to Underserved Children
National Nutrition Month
Battling Patient Infections
Deep Brain Stimulator
Challenge May be Over But the Journey Continues
Cologuard: Colorectal Cancer Awareness
Colon Cancer Can Be Treated if Caught Early
Older Couple Stays Active Through LiVe Well Program
Elevated Blood Pressure
Blood Test Predicts Alzheimer's Disease
Small Device Makes a Big Difference
Allergy Season
Researcher Looks at Quitting Behaviors
Fun Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthy
Safety Tips for Spring Conditions in the Mountains
Investing in a Healthier Life
Eye Infections are Common
Fitness Challenge: Kristi's Story
Reducing Heart Failure
Local Teacher Has a Life Lesson for Students
The Relationship Between Medicine and the Harp
Caffeine Consumption Trends
Millions Suffer From Sleep Problems
Free Community Healthy Heart Fair
Fitness Challenge: Scott's Story
Sister May Save the Life of Her Brother
Snowshoeing Benefits
Kindergarteners Battle Weight Gain
Alternatives to Exercising in the Inversion
Volunteers Needed for MS Study
Sitting For To Long Could Be Killing You
Happiness & Wellness
Todd Taggart: Winter Exercise
Daughter Inspires Fitness Challenge Participant
Alzheimer's Disease
Mary Nickles Is Part of a New Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
Goal for 2014 - Get a Colonoscopy
Program Helps Older Adults Get Stronger
Daily Physical Activity for Children
The Flu Is Picking Up In The U.S.
2013 Domestic Violence Report
Escape the Inversion with an Indoor Run
The Inversion and Your Health
Dangers of High Volume Audio
Intermountain Healthcare's "Transformation Lab"
Fitness Challenge Part 3
Classes Aimed at Helping Older Adults Build Confidence
Preventing Altitude Sickness
Fitness Challenge: Heather's Story
Multi-Vitamins and Mineral Supplements
Preventing Slips and Falls from Ice
Be Aware of Your Surroundings on the Slopes
Fitness Challenge: Nutrition
Groundbreaking Research May Help Doctors Predict When Cancer Is About to Spread
Employees "Walk" Across the Country
Importance of Replacing Helmets
Myth: Healthy and Overweight
Colorectal Cancer Test
Doctor Saves the Life of His Own Brother
Turkey Talk
ADHD Estimates Increase
New Mobile App Maps Illness
BMI May Predict Heart Disease
Fitness Challenge Part 2
Food Sweetener Alternatives
Knee Replacement May Be Last Resort for Arthritis
Stress Fractures Common in Athletes
Food Safety
Fitness Challenge Introduction
Mystery of Hives
Targeted Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer
Dealing With Picky Eaters
Bonnie Kunz: Finding Strength Among Co-Workers
Energy Drinks and Tooth Decay
Treats vs Snacks
Food Helps Boost Energy
Dangers of Impact Concussions
Student Survives Rock Climbing Accident
How Can Sugar Harm the Brain?
Tainted Breast Milk
Survivor Stands Strong During Cancer Fight
EpiPens in Schools
Suicide Prevention
Don't Purchase Illegal Contact Lenses for Halloween
Time to Test Your Costume Makeup
How does your Halloween Candy Stack up?
Ovarian Cancer Treatment: HIPEC
Mammograms Could Save Your Life, or Your Best Friend's Life
Fall Allergy Season Tips
Boobs Are Optional: A Story of Survival and Happiness
Self-Management Classes for Arthritis and Other Chronic Conditions
Breast Cancer Rehab
Preventing and Treating Running Injuries
Aortic Valve Complications
Skin Graft Advancements
Eating Right to Reduce Chances of Breast Cancer
Diabetes Prevention and Management
Experimental Fertility Treatment
Doctors Push for Heart Disease Awareness
Pro Athlete Endorsed Products May Not Be Healthy
Shoes Make a Difference With Your Feet
3D Mapping of the Heart
ICU Patients Vulnerable to Cognitive Impairment
Salt Lake City Listed as "Fittest City"
New Drug to Treat Depression
Uninsured Rates Unchanged in 2012
Prepare for Flu Season
Officials Warn of Flesh-Eating Bacteria
Rates of Brain Injuries Increase for Kids
Creating for the Cause: Fighting Breast Cancer
PSA Testing
2013 Senior Expo
Dental Students Provide Affordable Care
Creating for the Cause
Utah Athlete Takes First in World Championship
Treating Epilepsy
Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis
Excess Antibiotics Lead to Bacteria Resistance
Perfect Storm for Fall Allergies
Questar Employees Learn and Use CPR
Dr. Stephanie Bernik: Double Mastectomy
Bullying May Cause Physical Symptoms
Treating Heel Pain
Positive Attitude Linked to Longer Life
FDA Wants News Painkiller Labels
New Research Supports Breast Screening Guidelines
About 5% of U.S. Children and Teens are Severely Obese
E-Cigarette Use More Than Doubles Among Teens
200,000 Bottles of Motrin Recalled
Correlation Between Diabetes and Depression
Flu Vaccines Shipped
Yelling at Teenagers Could Backfire
Study Finds 200,000 Heart Disease and Stroke Deaths Could Be Prevented
Eating Disorders Linked to Mental Health
Study: School Districts Showing Improvements for Nutrition
Deaf Athlete's Actions, Speak Louder Than Words
Summit Day Treatment Program
Free Social Security Workshop
Copper May Trigger Alzheimer's
Lyme Disease May Be More Common Than We Thought
Female Dentists in Utah
Importance of Breast Cancer Screenings
Check Their Health: Brittany Graham
Don’t Skip Breakfast
Health Facts: Coconut Oil
Getting Out Helps Your Health
Colon Cancer Reality Night
Breastfeeding On The Rise
Living Life After a Heart Attack
Stopping the Cycle of Addiction
Wildflower Hikes
Botox Used to Treat Dental Problems
IHC Ranked Utah's #1 Hospital
Breakfast Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
New Lab Helps Heart Patients
Sleep Apnea and Strokes
Wildflower Hikes
Palliative Care Services
Check Their Health: Amy Nay
Study Shows Aspirin May Lower Women's Risk of Colorectal Cancer
Healthy Bread with Natural Yeast
Body-Weight Exercises
Wii Fun Zone
Hearing Checks
Oral Cancer Screening
Self-Mastery Technology
Artificial Heart Program
4 Steps to Lower Cholesterol
Improving Your Sports Performance
Concussions and Child Athletes
New Breast Cancer Screening Technology
Air Quality Tips For The Summer Months
Join Us For The 2News Health Expo
Stroke Prevention
Quick Weight Loss Could Be Dangerous
West Nile Virus Concerns in Utah
Fall Risks
Overdose Deaths in Women Have Increased
Seniors At Risk In High Heat
Check Their Health: Jenni Stokes
Surgery Guidelines on Ear Tubes
Spartan Race Preview
Organic Gardening
Testicular Cancer
Avoiding Sun Damage
Extreme Heat Dangers
Check Their Health: Adam Mikulich
Fruit Trees
Physicians Group Labels Obesity a Disease
CDC: HPV Rates Down More Than Expected
Check Their Health: Holly Menino
Red Meat and Diabetes
Pregnancy and Allergies
Time to Plant a Garden
Obesity Risk
Check Your Health: Keeping Hydrated
Check Their Health: Mary Nickles
Stay Cool as Temperatures Rise
Testing For Diabetes
Diabetes: 7th Leading Cause Of Death In U.S.
FDA Review: Diabetes Drug Avandia
Listeria Food Poisioning
Allergy Season
The Rates Of Poisonings In Kids Are Increasing
Drug Shortages Affect Cancer Patients
Worst Times For a Health Crisis
Chronic Sinus Problems
How To Get Started On A Healthy Compost Pile
My Dad Has Cancer
Box Gardening
Exercise May Help Prevent Cancer
Are You Eating Too Much Salt?
Lyme Disease
FDA Approved Diet Drug
Hydrating with Healthy Food
Shape Up Sandy
Plenty of Options for Treating Incontinence
Exercise for Arthritis
Tips For Beginning Runners
Know Your Numbers
Utah Researchers Make Discovery That Could Help Migraine Patients
Jump Rope For Heart
Hidden Salt, Deadly Consequences
Larry H. Miller's Widow Opens Up About His Battle With Diabetes
Increase In Upper Arm Lifts
Male Breast Cancer
New Drug Helps Control Multiple Sclerosis
Obesity and the Affordable Care Act
AHA Predicts Heart Problems Will Increase In Coming Years
Change Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss Results
Pressuring Kids To Eat Causes Weight Gain
Voice Disorders
Alleviating Neck and Back Pain
Free Voice Screenings
Arthritis and Exercise
New Tool For Diagnosing Pneumonia
Restrictions Increase Soda Sales
Egg Whites May Lower Blood Pressure
Red Meat Linked To Heart Disease
Cancer Patients Who Go Through Radiation More Likely To Die When Undergoing Heart Surgery
Running vs. Walking
Melanoma On The Rise In Teens
Worst Cities for Spring Allergies
Bald Men Could be at Risk for Coronary Heart Disease
Dangers of Smoking in the Car with Kids
Laughter Is the Best Medicine
Germs Lurking In Dental Equipment
World Autism Awareness Day
Ritalin For Alzheimers
Mental Health Integration
Spring Allergies
Genetic Tests Helping To Pinpoint Those At Risk For Cancer
Why Are Utahns Prone To Skin Cancer?
Alternative to Allergy Shots
Breath Linked To Weight?
FitBit App Helps You Get Into Shape
Back Pain: Facts and Myths
National Poison Prevention Week
Older Women Can Be Screened For Breast Cancer Less Often
New Guidelines For Sports-Related Concussions
Teens At Risk From Tanning
Kids With Depression Might Face Heart Problems
Women More Anxious Than Men
Scientists Grow New Teeth
New Strategy for Treating Food Allergies
Bloggers Ask Kraft to Remove Dye From Mac & Cheese
Taking Care of Your Mental Health
Preventing Spine and Back Problems
Video Game May Be Healthy
Minimizing Stress
Doctors Concerned Healthy Children Are Using ADHD Meds
Breast Cancer Patients May Develop PTSD
Aspirin May Help Women Reduce Their Chances Of Developing Melanoma
Do Helmets Protect Against Concussions?
Growing Up Healthy and Fit
National Nutrition Month
Tips for Healthy Sleep
Junior Surgeon App
Practice Safe Sun
Researchers Say Toddler Cured Of HIV
Disease and Stroke Prevention
BPA Levels May Factor Into Childhood Asthma
Cold and Flu Season
Mary Goes Dancing For Life
New Ear Ache Guidelines
Mediterranean Diet Ranked The Best
Healthy Dinners
Get Active: Walk A Dog
You Can Now Solve The Outbreak
Facebook May Help Memory
Buying Drugs From Foreign Pharmacies Could Be Deadly
What Antioxidants Can't Do
Plans Change For Those with Pre-Existing Conditions
Exercising The Brain For Weight Loss
Church Leaders Working With Autistic Children
Walk at Your Desk
Healthy Benefits To Cutting Back On Sugar
Thinking More About Your Heart
Trauma Sensitive Yoga
Get Your Heart Checked For Free
Vegetable Oil May Not Be So Healthy
Baby Boomers Living Longer Than Their Parents
Too Much TV Can Drop Sperm Count
Supplements May Have Negative Effects
Sun May Help Arthritis
Safe Sledding Tips
Heart Disease Leading Cause Of Death In U.S.
Birth Control For Men That Doesn't Require Surgery
TOSH Starts "Shovel Brigade Campaign"
Study Debunks Myths About Obesity
Snow Shoveling Safety Tips From TOSH
Radon Linked To Lung Cancer
New Strain Of Norovirus Picking Up Steam
Breast Cancer Procedures
Tighter Restrictions May Be Placed On Hydrocodone
Flu Activity Still High, But Decreasing In Some Areas
Nurtritional Labels May Receive Upgrade
Female Smokers Have Serious Risk Of Dying From Lung Cancer
UTA Riders To Receive Free Pass With
Screening For Cancer
Researchers Study Effects of Sports-Related Concussions
Researchers Identify Ugly Cholesterol
Overweight More Likely to Die In Car Crash
Skin Cancer Danger on the Slopes
Loneliness Can Harm Health
FDA To Expand Botox Use
Sleep and Your Spouse
Tips To Help Knee Pain
Flu Cases on the Rise
Cancer Deaths Decreasing
Getting Ready for the Slopes
2012 Consumer Satisfaction Report of Utah Health Plans
Being Overweight May Increase Lifespan
Flu Vaccine Not A Risk For Pregnant Women
Keeping Your Heart Healthy
FDA Investigating Safety Of Energy Drinks
Pentagon Releases Military Suicide Report
Choosing The Right Gym
Strawberries, Blueberries Improving Women's Heart Health
Part-Time Employees Increase Risk For Flu
Sweetened Drinks Linked To Depression
Other Viruses To Watch For
New Guidelines For Screening People At Highest Risk For Lung Cancer
Germs Spread Quicker Than You Might Think
Slow Cooker Safety
Radon Awareness Month
Potential Health Dangers With BPA Chemical
Women More Likely To Binge Drink Than Men
Logan Hospital Restricts Visitors To Prevent Flu Outbreak
Simple Stress Buster Tips
Signs Of Cognitive Problems For NFL Players
Kids Need An Hour Of Activity A Day
Certain Blood Pressure Drugs Could Help Reduce Risk For Dementia
FDA Creates New Rules For Eliminating Foodborne Illness
Children Getting Healthy For The New Year
Benefits To Keeping A Diet Diary
Shingles Hitting Younger Crowd
New Year's Resolutions: Recipe For Success
Winter Skin Cancer
Experts Say Slowing Down Is Good For Health
New Strategy For Fighting Obesity
Food Allergies and Bullying
Protein In Brain May Be Linked To Autism
Patients Waiting For Heart Transplant Can Now Wait At Home
American Heart Association Releases New Heart Attack Guidelines
New Treatment For Stiff, Painful Hands
Stay Healthy And Safe For The Holidays
Consequences Of Over-Indulging
Harmful Chemicals Found In Beauty Products
Preventing Holiday Weight Gain
New Device Helps To Detect Early Lymphedema
Avoiding Bad Air Quality
Tamoxifen, Drug Benefitting Breast Cancer Patients
Thriving Through The Holidays
Health Officials Predicting Bad Flu Season
Teens Less Likely To Buy Tobacco Products If They're Out Of Sight
Food Marketing Fueling Childhood Obesity Epidemic
Birth Rate Continues To Decline
Diabetes Prevention
Formula That Can Predict Newborn's Chances Of Obesity
Study Finds Harmful Chemical In Sofas
Young People Not Aware They Have HIV
Pork May Be Chock Full Of Bacteria
Academy Of Pediatrics Fighting Teen Pregnancy With New Tactics
Kids Who Attend Daycare More Likely To Be Overweight
Americans Drinking Around 100 Calories A Day In Alcohol
U.S. Cities Join Fight Against Second Hand Smoke
Women Who Begin Puberty Early Could Be At Higher Risk For Heart Disease
Healthy Eating During The Holidays
Test Your Flu IQ
Meth Has Flu-Fighting Power?
New Device Detecting Eye Disease Quicker Than A Standard Eye Exam
Problems With Preterm Birth
Dentists To Buy Back Halloween Candy
Breast Cancer Screenings, Early Detection Saves Lives
Black Licorice Could Lead To Unwanted Side Effects
Exercise Your Brain
Vitamin D Guidelines Changing
New Weight Loss Injection
Blood Test For Breast Cancer Risk
Dangers Of Laundry Detergent Pods Near Kids
Breast Cancer Numbers Down In Utah
Multivitamins Could Save Your Life
Chocolate May Make You Smarter
Crushing Food Cravings
Tomatoes May Prevent Strokes
Food and Feel
Fish And ADHD Behavior
Sleep and Memory
Birth Control Can Lower Abortions
Study Raises Questions About Heart Disease Treatment
FDA Launches Campaign For Online Pharamcy Awareness
Not Enough Medical Research Dedicated To Children
Weight Loss App
Utah Newborn Safe Haven
FDA Approves Breast Implants
Fewer Young Adults Abusing Prescription Drugs
New Drugs Has Promising Results For MS Treatment
Stress Gene?
Obesity Expected To Rise By 2030
Parents Not Buckling Children Into Car Seats Correctly
Men From Divorced Families Have Higher Risk Of Stroke
Overweight Kids Eating Fewer Calories
Back To School: Sports Nutrition
Atrial Fibrillation and Debfillator Issues for Heart Patients
Utah Ophthalmology Society
Cheering Can Permanently Damage Your Vocal Cords
Organic has 30% Lower Risk Of Pesticides
Link Between High Blood Sugar and Dementia
Mothers Who Smoke Have Higher Risk of Overweight Kids
Increase In Crypto Cases In Utah
More College Students Living At Home To Reduce Debt
Aspirin May Reduce Risk Of Death From Prostate Cancer
How To Stay Mentally Sharp As You Age
Exercise Keeps Us Disease-Free
Smoking Marijuana Declines Intelligence In Teens
Link Found Between Breast Cancer and Weight
School Lunches To Feature Fresher, Healthier Foods
Child Obesity Problem
Survey Shows Almost Half Of Physicians Suffer Burnout
Binge-Drinkers Happier With College Experience
Walnuts May Increase Fertility In Me
Antibacterials Could Weaken Muscles
Scientists Create Chocolate With Half The Fat
Children Who Snore Likely To Have Problem Behaviors
Sliced Apples Recalled From Fast Food Restaurants
Wrist Bands Could Reduce Skin Cancer
New Strain Of Swine Flu On The Rise
More Americans Walking To Stay In Shape
Running Barefoot
Desk Exercises
Sunscreen Advice for Utahns
Sleep Deprivation May Make Vaccinations Less Effective
New Study Brings PSA Screening Debate To Light
Magnetic Exposure, Dangerous Pregnancy
Psychological Abuse Just As Damaging As Physical
Some Say PSA Test Not Useful
Graveyard Shift Is Unhealthy
NFL Starts Comprehensive Health Program For Players
Too Much Light At Night Could Cause Depression
Vitamins May Decrease Pancreatic Cancer Risks
New York Holds Public Hearings On Soft Drink Ban
Sneaky Serving Sizes
Heavy Babies Could Be Linked To Breast Cancer
Certain Fillings Could Be Linked To Psychological Problems In Kids
FDA Expected To Announce Approval Of Diet Drug
Concussions Increasing In College Football Players
Common Summer Myths
Treating Hip Problems In Young Adults
Standing Can Improve Your Health
IVF Reaches Major Milestone
Premature Babies At Risk For Learning Difficulties
Chronic Pain May Be All In The Head
Caffeine May Reduce Risk Of Skin Cancer
Low Carb, High Protien Diets May Be Bad For Women
Exercise May Help Prevent Cancer
Traffic Noise May Be Related To Heart Attacks
Eating Disorders Not Limited To Young Women
Weight Loss Surgery Could Reverse Kidney Disease
Sunny Locates May Reduce Pancreatic Cancer
Moderate Drinking During Pregnancy May Be Okay
Apples Top The List of Dirtiest Produce
Study Finds Loneliness Can Be A Health Risk
Surgical Interns Concerned Over Restrictions
Estimated 46 Million Americans Don't Have Health Insurance
Children Taking Fewer Prescription Drugs
Research Identifies Dirtiest Surfaces In Hotels
Diesel Exhaust Related To Cancer
Evidence Too Limited For Vitamin D Recommendations
Sleep Deprivation Increases Junk Food Cravings
Link Between Dental Plaque And Premature Cancer
Regular Exercise Could Mean A Bigger Paycheck
Coca-Cola Says Obesity Is Not Linked To Sugary Drinks
Public Pools Say To Keep It Clean
Hispanics More Likely To Die Waiting For Heart Transplant
Physical Activity Recommendations
Plan B Pill May Working Differently Than Thought
35,000 Evenflo High Chairs Recall
'Tanorexia' May Be Associated With Body Dysmorphia
What To Eat For Swim Suit Season
Zapping Nerves May Lower Blood Pressure
Lung Transfers From Smokers Still Effective
Eliminating One Bad Habit Said To Have Domino Effect
'Gympact' App Gives Workout Incentives
Kidney Stone Rates Double Due To Obesity
Researchers Find No Difference In Soy, Milk Formula
Curry May Boost Immune System
Work Could Flare Up Asthma
Vitamin D Could Lower Stroke Risk
Tips For Living In A Healthy Community
Folic Acid May Reduce Childhood Cancer
Heart Disease Soars In Young Adults
Sleep Apnea May Be Linked To Cancer
Probiotics May Increase Fertility
Testosterone Linked To Weight Loss
Blood Tests May Be Able To Identify Breast Cancer
Bees May Help Beat Prostate Cancer
Healthy Homes Can Help Your Lifestyle
2 Farms Quarantined In "Mad Cow Disease" Investigation
Newborn Babies Screened For Heart Defects?
Study Shows High BMI Related To Heart Disease
Children With Asthma Exposed To Second-Hand Smoke
Check Your Health
Check Your Health: Women & Pain
Check Your Health: Teenage Girls & Pregnancy
Check Your Health: Portion Distortion Quiz
Check Your Health: Vitamin D & Respitory Problems
Check Your Health: Pregnant Woman & Depression Drugs
Check Your Health: NY Students Fall Ill
Check Your Health: Spring Allergies
Nutrition During Cancer Treatment
Hepatitis C Claims More Lives Than HIV
Diet Soda And Stroke, Heart Attacks
Jobs And Sleep
Sleep And Age
Check Your Health: Sleepy Transportation Workers & Passenger Saftey
National Nutrition Month: Salads
Check Your Health: Reducing Stress
HCI Offers New Lung Cancer Screenings
Chemo Side Effect Reduction
New Holistic Cancer Treatment To Calm Patients
Pregnancy Linked To Heart Attack Risks
Unroasted Coffee Beans May Help Weight Loss
Melanoma Cancer On The Rise In Young Adults
BMI May Be Misleading You
Veggies Could Help Prevent Breast Cancer
Doctors Say Some Medical Procedures Unnecessary
Mother's Weight Could Increase Infant's Autism Risk
Baby Chicks Unhealthy Gift For Easter
Oldest Doctor In Poland At 92
Seatbelt Safety: Check Your Buckles
Foods That Will Keep You On Your Diet
Survey Says Fewer Workers Taking Lunch Break
U.S. Has Saltiest Fast Foods
Depressed Mother Could Pass On Developmental Issues To Child
Blood Test May Diagnose Depression In Teens
Teens Using Hand Sanitizer To Get Drunk
Memory Loss? Trying Exercising More
Stress Hurts The Heart
Blueberries Boost Brain Power?
Night Shift Workers Sleep Fewer Hours
Study Shows Brain Networks Indicate Whether Teens Will Use Drugs
Stressful Mothers More Likely To Over-Feed Infants



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