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Tuesday, June 18 2013, 08:38 AM MDT
Chemical-Free Cleaning
Blogger Tanelle Lindquist shows us homemade solutions to your dirty problems.

FLOORS: If you are like me and you like to multitask, then you will love this amazing vacuum I came across.  The VersaVac!  You can vacuum your floors with it, then with a twist of a switch and a snap, you can steam the hardwood, tile and or laminate flooring.  How's that for getting two things done with one machine?!

TOYS: Are you worried about using bleach and chemicals to sanitize toys and other items and or surfaces in your house your baby/children might touch?  I know I was concerned.  I did a little research and came across an answer to my problem.  I use the HAAN All Pro hand held steamer.  Great for sanitizing toys (plastic, wood, rubber, etc.) after your child has been sick.  Also great for the bathroom and kitchen too!

1.    Get in the habit of washing your hands and your child's hands after after school, running errands, play dates, you get the idea.
2.    With the holiday season in full swing, it's extremely important to remind friends, family and neighbors who come to visit to wash their hands when they come to visit.  This will help the spread of germs and viruses.  Also, kindly ask them to remove their shoes.  You don't want them tracking who know what all over your floors where the baby is crawling and the children are playing.  If you have a pet that goes outside to potty, have a towel by the door to wipe their paws off.  It only takes a few seconds and will keep who know what outside and not on your floors.

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