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Friday, February 28 2014, 09:22 AM MST
De-Clutter Your Phone
Steps to De-Clutter Your Phone

Step 1: PURGE
a. Get rid of the apps you no longer use. 
b. If you’re reluctant to do this, you can make a folder and label it “Delete 
in June.” If you end up needing an app you’ve placed in this folder, 
go pull it out and keep it. Otherwise, delete those apps when June 
rolls around. But in the meantime, you’re at least clearing them from 
cluttering your main screens.

Step 2: CATEGORIZE & LABEL (group or move apps around)
a. Look at what apps are left and start grouping them together. 
b. Important thing to recognize when organizing your phone (or 
any area of your life) is that you want to categorize and label 
things according to how your brain sees it. Don’t just go with the 
“traditional” labels or categories.
there isn’t one right way to organize. 
c. This is called your Personal Organizing Preferences – Basically means 
d. Want to ask yourself – How or when do I use this app?
e. It can be helpful to compartmentalize your life into different screens 
or folders.

For more information on organizing, go to

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