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Thursday, March 6 2014, 08:03 PM MST
Nut Butter
Trish Brimhall is breaking down the health facts about nut butters. Which ones are actually healthy for you and why. She will set up on the kitchen counter with props.

Take home tips:
1. The fewer the ingredients the better. Nuts and salt. That way you avoid added sugars or hydrogenated oils. (and if that layer of oil bugs you, store it upside down)

2. Watch serving size. 2 Tbsp. is the serving size listed on the label, but since they are high in fat and calories, don’t hesitate to cut that in half – 1 Tbsp. goes a long way.

3. Consider what you put it on. (display here as well) An ideal pairing would be whole wheat bread or toast, and some fruit for breakfast. Remember we aim for 6 grain servings a day and 3 of those should be whole grains and making them a carrier for your favorite nut butter is a perfect pair. When we incorporate whole wheat into our routine, we are adding fiber, protein, B vitamins and minerals. Spread on nut butter on some whole wheat crackers and you’ve got a nutritious after-school snack. The heart healthy fats and protein from the nut butter plus some great fiber and energy from the carbohydrates makes a healthy combination.

4. Follow your taste buds. Food should be enjoyed, not consumed as a chore, so choose nut butter that taste good to you and go nuts!

For more information, go to www.nutritiousintent.comNut Butter

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