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Tuesday, March 25 2014, 09:29 AM MDT
Text Anxiety
(KUTV) Mathansium joins us with tips on how to help prepare for standardized testing:

1. Review mistakes on homework and review

2. Classify as Concept, Comprehension or Calculation
-Concept - Know what to do to solve individual problem types
-Comprehension - Know what the problem is asking
-Calculation - Using formulas and strategies correctly

3. Sit down with parent/teacher/private instructor to identify problem areas

4. Practice, practice, practice - Drill concepts with partner/coach

5. Use additional resources.  Don't plan on winning this fight on your own.

6. Excellent athletes, musicians, and other performers all use coaches to improve

7. Physical preparation is as important as mental preparation

8. Practice taking a test at home; quiet environment, full stomach, and early morning

9. Get enough rest. Eat a good meal.  Relax and focus as soon as you enter room.

10. Don't apply too much pressure on your kids! This could have a counter intuitive effect, as math anxiety has been proven to have a negative effect on performance.

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Text Anxiety

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