Get Gephardt
Get Gephardt: One home with two alarms
Good Question: 'What if doctors don't have your type of blood?'
Get Gephardt: Military discount tough to claim for Vet's wife
Concert refund disappears in dead account
Good question: What's with the disturbing face on the city and county building?
Headstones delayed by Ogden monument maker
Get Gephardt: Movers destroy table, refuse to cover damage
Hidden leak costs homeowner, Insurance company refuses to help
Wallet Watch: Workers taking advantage of health care plans
Lender refuses to drop PMI
Wallet Watch: Big ticket items sitting on store shelves, Twitter ads, Seaworld shares
Major retailer refuses to honor warranty claim
Wallet Watch: Treasury department takes fake bills off streets, gas prices
Good question: Has this been a smaller fire season in Utah?
Wallet Watch: e-Cigarettes
Comcast Scam Investigation
Insurance bills for out-of-network hospitals
Late mail delivery investigation
Good Question: How did running with bulls tradition begin?
FedEx fined for drug deliveries, back to school prices rise and Utah unemployment drops further
Yellow Page scammers targeted by FTC
Airline fees, Google looks at security flaws and Microsoft announces layoffs
Comcast in damage control, automaker recalls continue and Hersheys instates a price hike
Illegible finger prints stall adoption
Citigroup pays for mortgage crisis, president pushes infrastructure projects and a new Airbus
Good Question: Why does a soccer ball bend?
Disabled woman loses benefits because of prepaid funeral plans
FTC Complaint: Amazon got rich off unauthorized in-app purchases
Woman's vehicle seized by police after bogus police report
McNeil trial witness now allegedly a deceitful contractor
RSL fans towed despite paying to park
Costly colonoscopy following a man's belly ache
Good news for job hunters and celebration cost on the rise
Arizona baseball games blacked out in Utah
Gas prices hit six year high, no guns allowed in Target and Google buys Songza
FTC seeks hundreds of millions from T-Mobile for cramming
FTC: T-Mobile made millions with bogus charges
Women's football league leaves supporters hungry, for cookies
Good Question: "Can you be arrested for not paying a debt?"
Cable company stands up customer thrice
L'Oreal's deceptive advertising, GM recalls additional vehicles and new airline threats
Kleargear ordered to pay $300k to Utah couple
Supreme Court rules against internet television streaming company
What to do when winning doesn't pay
Isolation at work, home prices jump and AT&T/DirecTV merger
Bundling delay costs consumer
Airbag recalls, Americans struggle to save and pushing for paid maternity leave
Good Question: "Why do grads wear square-caps and gowns?"
Smartphone kill switch lowers theft, Google encourages girls to code and Harley Davidson goes electric
Auto-warranty company slow to give refunds in Utah, nationwide
GM recall lawsuit, fed talks interest rates and Amazon reveilles new phone
Luggage lost for more than a year
Home construction slows, Dr. Oz testifies and tech companies target home security
Good Question "What if you leave your mail in the box?"
More GM recalls, PF Chang credit issues and Priceline merges with OpenTable
Soccer hooliganing: Scams target fans
Possible gas price spike, beer makers slow the flow and Hobby Lobby's deceptive advertising practices
Glitch shows Medicaid recipient underpaid
Frequent flier changes, Amazon's aggressive negotiations and Subway strikes deal with Keurig
Lender error leaves man with huge student loans
Utah's small business grade, smart phone wallets and Microsoft boasts games at E3
Fine Print Allows Movers Unlimited Time to Deliver
Milk Prices Rise, Amazon's New Payment Method and Job Growth Numbers
Good Question: Is Throwing Out the First Pitch Hard?
GM Recall, Beastie Boy Lawsuit and Americans Finical Happiness
Jewelry Store Balks on Honoring Promised Warranty
UPS Shipment Destroys Valuable Packed by the UPS Store, Denies Insurance Claim
Airline Profits, New Sam's Club Cards and GM Recall Announcement Coming
Man Out $15,000 after Bank Loses Deposit
Utah Security Company Accused of Deceiving Consumers to Make Sales
Good Question: Is the No Texting and Driving Law Working?
Understanding Yummy, Library of Congress and Reading Like Your Rich
$25,000 Reward Offered for Evidence of Door-to-Door Sales Fraud
Credit Union Preempts Data Breach Issues, Tax Scams Continue and Apple to Buy Beats
Mortgage Company Declares Woman Bankrupt
Postal Service Increases, Apple's Home Platform and Housing Markets Slow Recovery
Good Question: Can Taking Marijuana Legally Out-of-State Get You Busted in Utah?
Do Not Call Rule Breakers, Sprint Fined, Amazon Goes Robotic and Delta's Profits Grow
Surprise! Your Health Insurance is Cancelled!
GM Recall, Google Bites Apple and Pet Treat Issues Breaks Silence, Defends Fining Customers for Critical Reviews
EBay Announces Hack, Advises Password Change
Caterer Blames Ex-Employees for Standing-Up Bride and Groom
Hotels Catch Boost Fees, Chipotle Adopts No Guns Policy and Graduation Gifts
No-Show Caterer Refuses Refund to Bride and Groom
AT&T to Merge with DIRECTV and GM Damage Control
Shredfest: May 16, 2014
Traveler's Nightmare: Online Travel Agent Loses Reservation
Couple Fined for Negative Online Review win Lawsuit, Await Restitution
GM Recalls, Americans Over Medicated and Job Hoppers Number On The Rise
Sony Balks at Replacing Non-working Computer Under Warranty
Google Glass Hits the Market, Cabela's Breaks Ground In Tooele and Beer Prices To Climb
Americans Ditch Cash, IRS Over Pays and Microsoft Reduces Xbox One Price Tag
Personal Banker Admits to Swindling Senior's Life Savings, Ignoring Order to Pay her Back
McDonalds Email Scam, Zions Wants To Empower Women and Markets Close At All-Time High
Good Question: Why is Utah Installing New and Different Traffic Lights?
Airlines Allowed to Hide Fees, GM Recalls and Netflix Price Increases
2013 Summer Barry Manilow Concert Still Postponed, Ticket Holders Outraged
Boy's Immunizations Not Covered After Surprise Health Insurance Switch
College Loan Increases, Purdue Links Low Debt to Happiness and Airlines Cash In On Baggage Fees
Excuses, Broken Promises Frustrate Furniture Customer
Office Depot Announces Closures, Disney Sees Soaring Profits and New Arena Breaks Ground In Vegas
Rising Price of Metal Attracting Thieves to Utah Homes, Businesses
Baggage Fees, Target CEO Steps Down and Shred Fest Returns
Good Question: "Why are the Wings of a Chicken Called 'Buffalo?'"
Fake Officer Scam, Unemployment Rates and Gas Prices
The Fine Print in Blue Stakes
Subway Underpays Employees, Pizza Hut on Hulu and Shred Fest Returns
Tricks to Help Tenants Recover Rental Deposits from Unyielding Landlords
Wal-Mart to Offer Auto Insurance, Low Cost Flight Booking Window and Zion Bank's Home Improvement Contest
FICO Credit Score Available to Consumers Vastly Different from Scores Used by Lenders
Novell Denied Appeal, Internet Explorer Warning and Airlines Introduce New Fees
Promised Refund Finally Arrives After Calls from Get Gephardt
House Market Thaws, Bad Weather Effecting Bottom Lines and Shopping for Food on Amazon
Good Question: Does Tattoo Removing Microderm-Abrasion Work?
DWFS to Hold Job Fair, California Drought Worsens and Fewer Americans Are Using Credit Cards
Mistake at ATM Separates Woman from Mortgage Payment; Credit Unions Slow to Fix
Higher Wedding Cost, Possible Gay Marriage Economy Boost and Jim Beam Fills 13 Millionth Barrel
Fighting Facebook Fraud
Cost of Business Goes Up and Kraft Recalls Mislabeled Wieners
Good Question: Why Do Winners Of The Masters Get Green Jackets?
Michael's Security Breach Update, Coffee Production Being Threatened and General Mills' Forced Arbitration
National Mortgage Settlement Payments Delayed to Thousands
GM Dodges Recall Responsibility, Returns On Rented Property and Employee Rest Tied To Dishonesty
Fine Print Reveals a Company is Behind Tax Lien Notices
Computer Scam Alert, Congress Weighs In On E-Cigs and Beef at an All-Time High
Good question: What's the figure eight printed on globes?
Amazon Offers Employees $5,000 to Quit, Most Common I.R.S. Mistakes and Flyers in February Arrive Late
Chimney Sweep Folds with Consumer's Deposit
Heartland Virus Threat, I.R.S. Fields Your Calls and the Big Mac Budget Demonstration
XP Support Gone. What Now?
Good Question: How Were the Aquarium Fish Safely Moved?
Get Gephardt: Man Lands in Collections Despite Fully Paid Utility Bills
"Or your money back" Offer not Honored
GM Wins Crash Test Honors, FTC Cracks Down On Weight-loss Claims and CVS In Hot Water
Two Utah Men Brought Up On Tax Fraud Charges
Home Automation Failures Frustrate Customer
Yahoo Increases Email Security, SLC Marathon Set For April and Microsoft Introduces Its Siri
Wendover Casino Blocks Handicapped Stalls for Promotional Giveaway
New Scam Alert, Chrysler Recall and Amazon Joins the TV Market
Good Question: How do Taxpayers avoid being audited by the IRS?
If the IRS is Unresponsive, Try the Taxpayer Advocate
Mudslide Scammer Alert, Nissan Recall and New Trader Joe's Location in Salt Lake County
Insurance Mix Up Keeps Woman From Lifesaving Meds
E-Book Refund, College Tuition Increases and Unclaimed Tax Returns
Billing Bundle Bungled
Flood Insurance Increases, IRS Cash Crunch and Possible Apple & Comcast Partnership
Good Question: How is the Moment Spring Starts Determined?
Defiance May Soon Pay Off for Couple Fined Over Negative Comments
PS4 Announces VR Headset, Google Makes Smartwatches and 2010 Tax Returns Still Available
GM Spokesperson: Loaners, Rentals Available to 1.6 Million Drivers Impacted by Recall
Google Wins Viacom Lawsuit, Walmart Wants Used Games and Microsoft's Stock Surges
Fake IRS Auditors Attempt to Rip Off Taxpayers
Retailers Asked to Stop Selling Tobacco, NYC Requires Sick Time and New Expiration Date Labels
Good Question: Are E-Cigarette Commercials Legal?
Low Utah Unemployment Rate, Graco Recall Expanded and High Tax Return Average
ACA Marketplace Confusion Leaves Adults Signed Up for Pediatric Dental Care
Target Continues Damage Control, Staples Closing Locations and Facebook Blocks Gun Advertisements
Popular Provo Road-Race Organizer Stiffs Winners
Gov. Gets Wiretap Bill from Sprint, Guns Are Selling Well and F.T.C. Cracks Down
Fur Coat Storage Company Vanishes with Several Expensive Coats
Utah Benefits From Reopening Parks, RadioShack Closing Locations, EPA Regulations and Potential ATM Hacking
Semi-Pro Football Players Question the Disappearance of League Fees
Drought Affects Grocery Prices, Free Checking Disappears and Bill Gates On Top Again
Good Question: "How Do Search Engines Determine Search Result Orders?"
Airlines Cut Bereavement Fares, Internet Usage Goes Mobile and Wells Fargo Cuts Jobs
Stolen Debit Card Used at Days after Victim Shops at Target
Delta Changes Frequent Fliers Program, Sprint in Trouble over Nude Pictures and Min Wage Battle Continues
California Scheme Leaves Utahn, National Hispanics out Hundreds
Target Breach TimeLine, Facebook Email Says Goodbye and House Prices on the Rise
Lifetime Warranty Abruptly Cancelled
Taco Bell Breakfast, Disney Resort Price Increase and New Alumni Tracking Software
Man Injured At Amusement Park Awaits Damages
Credit Restored for Consumer Fined for Negative Online Review
Postal Service Issues, Hot Pocket Recall and Netflix vs. Verizon
Ex-Federal Worker: Someone Forged My Official Gov. Documents
Alarm Customer Moves But Cannot Cancel Service
Improving Medication Information, Groupon Deal and I.R.S. Tax Update
Good question: How are KUTV Contest Winners Selected?
Canceled Flights Cost Big, Tax Refund Spending and Valentines' Day Gift Estimates
Dish Placement Makes TV Service Sketchy
GM Recall, Facebook's Privacy Policy Questioned and Comcast Merges With Time Warner
Automobile Software Recall, Amazon Is Hiring and Ogden Receives Retirement Honors
Legally Married Man-and-Wife Fight for Marital Insurance Rights
Obama Increases Federal Min Wage, F.C.C. Lifts Ban and Graco Recalls Car Seats
Widely Advertised Cable Boxes Months Delayed
Curbing Cell Phone Theft, Recalled Rice and Google Increases Value
Good Question: Why do Lighters Fail to Melt Snowballs, Turn them Black?
Card Transaction Changes, Tracking the Target Hack and Misleading Unemployment Number
Huge Bill for Rental Car Driver whose Car Broke Down
Profit Colleges Accused of Misconduct, Sony Stops Making Computers and Subway Removes Chemical from Bread
Out-of-Date Flood Maps Cost Homeowners Ins. Dollars
Target Data Breach Detailed, California Citrus Crops Compromised and CVS Will Stop Selling Tobacco
Protecting the Elderly from Money Thieves
State Representative Proposes Bill to Clarify Credit Score Differences
Insurance Giant Abruptly Withdraws Cheaper Plan
New Domains Available, Cancelled Flights Create HUGE Losses and Tax Filing Begins
Good Question: Can Ethanol Damage Small Engines?
Could Locksmith Licensing Curb Bait-and-Switch Industry Practices?
Feds Investigate Target Breach, Angry Birds Gets Hacked and a Severe Drought in Napa Valley
Stamps Instead of Cash; ATM Shorts Customer
Possible Stability for Farmers, Home Sales Numbers Up and Google Glass Gets A New Look
Consumer Attorney: Guaranteed Mortgage Modifications are a Farce
Possible Michaels Data Breach, Google's New Acquisition and Aviation News
Good Question: What do 'Extra' Four Digits in Zip Code Do?
Stamp Price Increase, Toyota's Ambitious Goal and Legal Marijuana Banking Changes
St. George Business Cited for Selling Free Compliance Posters
Utah Small Business Used to Rip Off Nationwide Job Seekers
Child Safety Seat Law Change, Subcompact Cars Crash Poorly and Google Fiber is Coming To Provo
Bizarre Hidden Text on Target's Website Provides Security
Explaining Credit Denials, Weak Passwords and the Super Bowl Indicator
Good Question: Why do Cold Temps Make People Catch Colds?
New Verizon Scam, Fake Bills For PG&E and Easy To Access Tax Returns
"Deceptive" Mailings Fool Utahns into Paying for Free Products
Starbucks App Report, United Airlines Furlough, and Apple-Monitor Feud
Apple to pay $32.5 Mil in In-App Purchase Settlement
Tax Time Brings Increased Identity Theft
Paying with Check Leaves Jilted Consumers Little Recourse
Federal Trade Commission to Take Action Against Robocalls
Good Question: What Federal Rights Come with Marriage?
Target Data Breech Worse Than Thought, Yelp No Longer Anonymous and New Mortgage Rules
'You've Been Scammed,' say Scammers Trying to Scam You
Mobile Phone Wars, IRS Sees Theft Increase and Macy's Stock Rises
West Jordan Residents Frustrated by Incomplete Utility Line Repair
Macy's to Close Utah Location, Lay Off 2,500 Nationwide
Consignment Store Closure Leaves Consigner Without Answers
JetBlue Battles Temperatures, American & U.S. Airways Merger Changes and Intel Drops MacAfee
Good Question: Why Do Locked Knees Cause Fainting?
California Drought Could Affect Grocery Prices, Ford Unveils The C-Max and A Lawsuit Is Filed Against Facebook
O.C. Tanner Donates Tablet to Jilted Coby Customer
Pharmacies Honor Affordable Care Act, Trouble For Hewett Packard and More Problems For Target
Update: Utah Blaze to Refund Ticket Holders
Good Question: What Rights Do Gays Who Marry Receive?
Unemployment Benefits Set To Expire Over the Weekend
Scammers Target 'Target' Victims
Shipping Companies Are Playing Catchup Now That Christmas Has Come and Gone
Retailers Deal With Holiday Inventory, Audio Equipment Sales Are Up and Airlines Battle To Be Profitable
Good Question: Where do Mailed Letters to Santa Go?
Target Does Damage Control and China Gets IPhone
Utah Lawyers, Politicians Scramble after Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
Utah Blaze Ticket Holders Unable to Get Refunds for Cancelled Season
Improvements to Insurance Claims, Safest Vehicles and Target's Security Breach
Fined-for-Bad-Review Couple Take Company to Court
Delayed Tax Returns, Pre-Employment Credit Checks and Delta Says No Phone Calls
Good Question: What Do Tonsils Do?
New Moab Airline, SLC Evidence Claims and Ikea Lamp Recall
Bill-like Letters Confuse Homeowners, Frustrate Recorders
Jury Duty Scam Resurfaces
BofA Says Customer Owes Money with No Explanation of the Debt
Soda Sales Slump, Air Fare Increases and Postal Changes on Horizon
Tracking Software Won't Always Help Police Find Stolen Electronics
Be Wary Buying a Used Car with Low Mileage
Ad Erroneously Declares Utah Student a Sensual Masseuse
Sustaining Jobs, World's Largest Airline and Shipping Delays
Consumer Turns Table on Online Retailer Which Fines Customers who Post Negative Reviews
Washington Talks about Raising the Minimum Wage
Playstation 4's Missing Screw Causes Failure
Cyber Monday Numbers and FTC Enforces Warranties
UFC Enthusiast 'Fights' for Purchased Tickets
Black Friday Numbers, Blackberry's Return and Frequent Flier Abuse
Virus Encrypts Computer Files, Demands Ransom
Follow Up: The Rachel Scam
Dems Want Swallow to Forfeit Pension, Salary
Swallow Could Earn $12,000/Yr by Delaying Resignation
Birth Control Brings Horrible Side Effects, Women Say
Amazon Trouble, H&M Wage Increases and Thanksgiving Meal Analysis
Good Question: Why is the AG Waiting to Resign?
Homeowner Blames Power Company for Fire in her Yard
Open Communication with Insurers Could Minimize Wind Damage Cost
Follow Up: Action on Behalf of Woman Fined for Penning Negative Online Review
Prepaid Funeral Brings Surprise Fees
Women in the Tech World, Record Financial Settlement and Trouble for Tesla
Salvaged Vehicle Travels Multiple States before Landing in Utah, Clean
Bull Markets, Next Gen Systems and Turkey Dinner
Good Question: What is the difference between a dot-com and a dot-org?
Major Airline Merger May Soon Affect Prices
Drug Shortages Raise Costs, Force Rationing
Philippine Donation Scams Already In Utah
Fined For Posting a Negative Review Online
USPS To Start Sunday Shipping
Good Question: How does a Super Typhoon compare to Hurricanes?
New IRS Report and Unemployment Numbers
Repair Company Keeps Fire Victim's Heirloom for More Than a Year
Twitter Debuts, Quiznos Goes Global and Kmart Does Damage Control
Drugs Exposed to Extreme Temps Can Lose Potency
Video Rental Stores Go the Way of the Dodo
Disappearing Groundwater Causing WVC Homes to Sink
Bank Lending, Black Friday and Mood Cars
Musicians Not Paid for Refusing to Give Cell Numbers
Computer Viruses, Honda Recall and Early Black Friday Deals
Good Question: Dos and Don't of Recycling
Looser Rules for Electronic on Airplanes
Act Fast When Pursuing a Refund from a Bankrupt Company
Lost Policy Payment Threatens Cancelation, Despite Proof
Social Security Increase, Airline Entertainment and Bright Futures for Translators
Holladay Women Hassled Over Document That Appears Fake
Good News for Home Buyers
1.5 Years after Wedding, Still No Album
Cars, Ketchup and Cat Food
Slow Movers Even Slower to Make it Right
Bank of America Found Liable in Mortgage Mess
Manufacturer Loses Customer's Product
Possible Flood Insurance Increase
What Does It Take To Recall Elected Officals
Retailers Capitalize on Preempting Black Friday
Typo Delays Family's Tax Return; Bureaucrats Offer Little Help to Resolve
Scammers Take Advantage of Federal Trade Commission Shutdown
Months of Online Shopper's Identities Compromised
52 Million People Get a Small Social Security Increase
Good Questions: Why Do We Carve Pumpkins and Call them Jack?
T-Mobile Is Lowering International Calling Charges
Electronics Giant Coby Sinks with Customer's Products in Tow
ATM Cards May Soon Be Obsolete
Scammer Threatens to Send Police to Elderly Woman's Home
Natural Gas Prices Higher Than Expected
USPS Customers Frustrated by Long Downed Mailboxes
KUTV & Fox-13 Sue Internet Television Provider
Official Letter Typo Sends Callers to Elicit Talk Line
Food Bank Demand Remains as Families Recover
Good Question: What does the fox say?
Scammers Thrive During Shutdown
State Clerical Error Denied Car Title
"Essential Employees" in 1995 Differ in 2013 Shutdowns
New Airline Fees are set to Debut
Travel Agent Seemingly Disappears with Ute Fans' Money
Ammunition Manufacturer Takes Payment, Never Delivers
Halloween Not Spooky for Retailers
"Obamacare" Scams Target Consumers
How will a Government Shutdown Affect Operations?
Good Question: How is Autumn Start Minute Determined?
Obamacare Scams Ripping Off Consumer
Do Drug Warnings Encourage Sales?
Rotting Power Pole Endangers Payson Home
What the Affordable Care Act Will Cost You
Pass of All Passes Gift Card Delay Issues
Are Listed Sale Prices Secret Codes?
Natural Gas Car Drivers Ordered to Repay State Rebates
Be Wary of Charity Scams during Urgent Times
Man Admits to Stealing Woman's Savings; Fails to Pay Restitution
Scammers Become More Elaborate as Americans Become Aware
Good Question, "Why Does Organic Milk Last Longer Than Non-Organic Milk?"
Human Error Causes $5 Flights
Get Gephardt Investigation Leads to State Charges Against Home Warranty Company
Foreclosure Nightmare Maybe Coming To An End
New, Small Restaurant Targeted by Crook
Facebook Stocks Rebound On The Heels Of Instagram News
Landlords Must Justify Keeping Tenant's Deposits
Economic Forecasters Say: Expect A Good 2014
'Price Assurance' has Caveats, Utah Traveler Discovers
Bypass Airport Lines with T.S.A. Pre-Screening
Long Delays in Collecting Owed Money from Feds
Home Buyers Targeted by Identity Thieves
Dollar Menus that Cost More than a Dollar
Broken Promise of Refund for Travel Vouchers
60 Calls Per Day from Persistent Telemartketer
Education Cost: Families Borrowing for College On the Rise
Good Question: What does it mean to 'contain' a wildfire?
Accidental Overdoses Lead to Tylenol Bottle Changes
Utah Physicians May Get OK to Dispense Drugs
Gas Prices Drop as Summer Ends
Trouble Receiving a Refund on an Over Charged Orbitz Trip
Does Our Favorite Teams Wins and Loses Affect Our Snacking Habits?
Good Question: Are Mandatory Evacuations Mandatory?
Monument Company Fails to Deliver by Contract-Promised Date
For Many Students, Renter Insurance is the New Necessity
Money Back Guarantee Ignored by Troubled Real Estate Company
Disaster Victims, Chose a Contractor Wisely
Consumer Waits 9 Months for Home Appraisal
Wildfires Strain State/Federal Resources
Grieving Families Face Delays Getting Headstones
Offered Price for Phone not Honored
Scam Alert: Microsoft is NOT Calling You
Utah Woman Fights for Healthcare Reinbursment
Priority Mailers will get More
Motives of Outspoken GOP Leader Questioned
Consumer News For August 14, 2013
Shipper Refused to Pay Insurance Claim for Lost Package
Public Firing Raises Questions
Good Question: Fewer Fires?
Get Gephardt: Officials Warn of Jury Duty-Arrest Scam Calls
Get Gephardt: Jail Keeps Contractor from Finishing Fence
Closing Costs On the Rise for Homebuyers
Get Gephardt: Man Waits More Than 8 Months For Shed to Be Built
Utah Participates to Discover ‘Most Common’ Consumer Complaints
Get Gephardt: Census Survey Might Look Fake, Has Real Consequences
Apple Ruling Could Help Competition
Good Question: Why Does Spicy Food Make You Sweat?
Warranty Company Refuses to Receive Claim
Airline Fined For Deals Too Good To Be True
Get Gephardt: Stop Collectors from Calling
Credit Bureau Error Leads to Lawsuit
Get Gephardt: Secret Shopper Offer is a Sham
Don't Fall for Best Buy Scam
Power Steering Failure Leads to Extended Warranty on Popular Car
Get Gephardt: Ominous Sales Call Scares Utah Kids
Know Your Rights When You Fly
No Refund for Triathletes
New TV Option Coming to Utah
Several Overcharged by Government Agency
Consumer News for July 22, 2013
Good Question: Why is a Baker's Dozen 13?
Imposters Using Iconic Commercial to Dupe Seniors
Wrong Name Shows Up On Caller ID
Consumer Scam Promises Jobs
Companies Getting an Early Jump on "Back to School" Shopping
Woman Pre-Approved For Surgery, But Insurance Company Won't Pay
Crooks use Royal Baby to Attack Computers
Thousands Fight Back Against Soliciter Ignoring The 'Do Not Call' List
Popular Athletic Shoe Company Paying Back Millions to Customers
Good Question: What do SPF Numbers Mean?
Two Big Names in eBooks in Trouble
Christmas in July; Neighbors Fight Light-Hanging Company
Utah Marathon, Fittest State Festival Cancelled
Mortgage Company Insists Woman Pay for Home that Doesn't Exist
Free Discount Drug Cards Work, With Catches
Debt Collector to Pay for Breaking Collection Rules
E-Cig Batteries Explode Damaging Car, Home
Utah Bucks Federal Temp-Work Trends
Good Question: Who Is That Man Behind The Window?
Scammers Using Medicare Scheme to Take Advantage of Seniors
Smith's Tix Defends Unpredictable Fees
HUD Takes Nearly Two Years To Give Man FHA Loan Refund
Good Question: Watering Your Lawn
Mistakes in Massive Medical Database Could Cause Insurance Carriers to Reject You
Woman Waits for Exotic Spices Months After Purchase
Scammers Using Rocky Mountain Power's Name To Trick People Out Of Money
Big Hurdles for Teacher Who Earned Debt Relief
Good Question: Crosswalk Buttons
Health Insurance Claim Delayed Resulting in Denial
Company Offering Utahns Airfare "Award" in Legal Mess
One Home Alarm; Two Bills
Lehi Company Hired to Restore Car Fails to Perform
Imposters Using Iconic Commercial to Dupe Seniors
Utah School Claims No Affiliation With School Advertiser
After Construction Delays, Lowes Silences Customer
Hundreds of Complaints Hound Car Selling Website
Company Goes Out Of Business Before Completing Portrait Order
Man Waits 4 Months For Recalled Part
Website Selling 'Free' State Paperwork
Good Question: Paid Holidays
An Unexpected Check In The Mail That's NOT A Scam
Police: New Utah Law, 'Revictimizes Victims' of Theft
Infomercial Product's Shipping, Handling Costs More Than The Product
Good Question: Is My Cell Phone Spying On Me?
Cell Phone Companies Have Secret 'Black List'
Unaware Cab Driver Used As Crook's Pawn
Swallow Complaint Delayed At Commerce Boss' Suggestion
Kidney Donation Can Be Free To The Donor
Recap of ShredFest 2013
Man Who Already Paid Ticket Now Facing Criminal Charges
Popular Pass-of-all-Passes Faces Shipment Delays
Holladay Woman Stumbles Upon Fake ID Website
Thieves Lure Prey with Promise of Free Dogs
Good Question: Why Are Investors So Jumpy?
Cell Phone Bills Crammed With Unwanted "Premium Services"
Computer Glitch Causes Red Butte Garden Concert Controversy
Georgia Company Vanishes After Ripping Off Utahns
Sentimental Letters, Photos Reunited With Family
Good Question: Freeway Sign Times
Prison Inmate Work-Program Competes With Private Business
Tracking a Package Leaves Consumer Vulnerable to I.D. Thieves
TV Manufacturer Delays Honoring Warranty
Company Owes Woman Money But Sends Her To Collections
Good Question: Why Do Coupons Have A Minuscule Cash Value?
Orem Man Wins Long Battle With Ins. Over Fault
Windshield Replacer: "I'm Not Trying to Screw Anyone"
Bank Of America Misapplies Funds
People Fighting for their Pictures after a Major Portrait Studies Goes Under
Online 'Steal' Turns Costly for Customer
Woman Whose Car is Totaled Waits Months for Payout
Relatively New Siding Falling off Home
Good Question: What Is 'The Cloud?'
Towed Car Owners Have New Rights
Elderly Utahns Lose $1 Million A Day
Get Gephardt: Three Day Right to Refund Not Honored
Good Question: Why do Fans Throw Hats When a Hockey Player Scores Thrice?
Police Searching for Accused Thief who Targeted Home Alarm Customers
Phone Company Refuses to Cancel Service
Windshield Installer Rips Off Customer
Sewer Company Relents, Helps Flooded Residents
Cars Held For Weeks at Local Repair Shop
Good Question: HOV Lanes in an Emergency
Huge Bills For Newborn After Insurance Co. Error
Get Gephardt: Gross and Expensive Cleanup for WVC Homeowners
After Months Of Fighting VA, Family's Claim Approved
Good Question: Who Is Behind Flyers In Utah Promising Airfare Award
TV Maker Refuses to Honor Warranty
Utility Company Ignores Pleas To Fix Downed Line
Reception Center Owner Charged with Fraud
Old Scam Targets Businesses
Get Gephardt: Man Labors to Return Overpayment to Taxpayer Funded Agency
Good Question: How Accurate Are Calorie Counters On Treadmills?
Cost Savings Realized with Simple Home Efficiency Fixes
Labor Dept Audit Offers Fixes, Contradictions
High Number of Tow Complaints Prompts Legislative Action
Small Claims Court Winnings Can Be Difficult to Collect
Good Question: Why Do Some Storms Get Named And Others Do Not?
Warranty Goes Unhonored, Time To Get Gephardt
Get Gephardt: Bill Addresses Auto-Renewing Contracts
Get Gephardt: Snag in the Garden Snags a Huge Bill for Homeowner
Good Question: Why Do Some People Get Birth Marks?
Buying Online: Who Will Honor The Warranty
I.D. Thieves Target Hotel Room Guests
Fake Facebook Profile Highjacks Utahn's Professional Life
UHSAA Sidelines Intermountain Christian School Soccer Player
Good Question: Can Officers Pick The Laws They Enforce?
Woman Who Feared She Was Dying Should Not Have Gone To E.R., Says Insurance Company
Crooks will try to Capitalize on Super Bowl Watchers
Life Insurance Policy Suddenly Becomes Worthless
Utah Travel Agent Abruptly Cancels Hawaii Vacation
Good Question: Why do Plows Sometimes Drop Sand not Salt?
Utah Woman Caught Between Two Companies Loses Home Phone
Good Question: Is There A Market For Human Hair?
Opt-out to Stop Getting Credit Card Offers
Prepaid Contractor Walks Off Job
Woman Charged Twice For Bill, Company Refuses To Refund Her
Good Question: Why Are Some Snow Storms Fluffier Than Others
Wrong Man Gets Six Years Of Harassing Debt Collection Calls
Government Loses Ogden Woman's Name
Woman Faces Double Billing Over Mail-Lost Items
KUTV Viewer Anonymously Helps Ripped Off Teacher
Good Question: Why Is 13 Said To Be Unlucky?
Lenders Have No Obligation to Report To Credit Bureaus
Online Buyer Nearly Burns Oven Seller
Good Question: What Will Our Needs Cost Next Year?
Custom Clothing Maker Charged with Fraud
Beware of Calls from Fake Debt Collector Lawyer
Computer Spyware Will Likely Spike After Christmas
Good Question: Why Are Christmas Songs All Oldies?
Restaurateur Ripped Off By Point Of Sale Company
Get Gephardt: Family Of Chocolatiers Says Someone Highjacked Their Name, Ripping Off Customers
US Citizen Denied Driving Privilege over Citizenship Questions
Man Forced to Wait Months for Cancer Soothing Sauna
Woman Waits Months for Lost Luggage Compensation
Wedding Photographer Takes Money, Then Doesn't Show On Wedding Day
Contract With Never-Ending Deadline Could Be Illegal
Why Will The Fiscal Cliff Hurt The Economy?
Popular Text Offering Prize is a Scam
Deadline Looming for Foreclosure Reviews
Scammers That Targeted Businesses Will Pay
Good Question: Why is the Late News on at 10PM in Utah, 11PM Elsewhere?
USPS Money Orders a Tool for Scammers
Mommy Blogger Stiffed by Advertiser
Bank of America Threatens Home Foreclosure Despite Full Payments
Family's Intimate Moment Highjacked; Used to Scam Others
Costco Vs.; A Personal Lesson In Comparison Shopping
Utah Woman Gets Unexpected $45K From Government
Good Question: We Exhale Carbon Dioxide, So Why Does CPR Work?
Promised Rebates for Home Alarm Never Materialize
Consumer Told To Foot Bill For Broken Shifter, Even After Recall
Pet Insurance Refuses to Pay for Expensive Surgery
How Long Does Food Last In A Powerless Fridge?
Brand New Motorcycle Leaks Gas
Drivers Forced to Dodge Golf Balls on Freeway
Deaf Woman Wants To Be E.M.T; Claims Discrimination
Good Question: What Happens If They Tie?
Traveling Salesman Accused of Lies to Make Sales
Crooks Use Love To Steal From Vulnerable People
GE Blames Consumer For Washer Fire, Even After Recall
Helium Shortage Hits Utah
Utah T.V. Consumers Stuck Between Companies
Government Grant Scam Targets Utahns
Widow Denied Husband's Military Retirement Benefits
Computer Repair Store Locks Doors - Customers' Machines Inside
Good Question: How do Skydivers Land on a Dime?
Man Loses Gas Service Because his Roommate Paid the Bill
Crooks Search Courts To Attack 'Bankruptcies'
Good Question: Why Do Marathoners Pay To Run?
Newlyweds Scammed Out of Honeymoon
Man's Credit Threatened After Bank Loses Loan Payment
Man Receives Parking Ticket From The Future
Why Do Candidates Have The Same Tag At The End Of Political Commercials?
Scammers Target Online Dress Sellers
Theft at Airport Security Checkpoints a Growing Problem
School Revokes Special Bus Transportation For Autistic Boy
Suspect Contacts Gephardt Weeks Prior To Bomb Threat
When Smog Blows Out Of Utah, Where Does It Go?
Frustrated Consumer Bills Company
If You Think You Know Your Credit Score, You Might Be Wrong
Beware the Charity Promises of Magazine Salesman
Woman Struggles To Reunite With Unclaimed Property
Complaints of Abuse Ignored, Speed Skaters Say
Olympic Skating Coach Faces Allegations Of Abuse
Abuse and Money Mismanagement, Speed Skaters Allege
Short Track Speed Skaters Accuse Coach of Abuse
Get Gephardt: Money for Old Cell Phone Company Running Behind
Man Loses $61,000 In Lottery Scam
Utah Car Warranty Company Seized by State
How Long Would You Expect To Wait For A Refund From A Company?
Good Question: How Does A Weather Wall Work?
Hospital CEO: "Frailty" Prevalent In Medical Billing Standards
Update: Hobby Repair Shop Closes Locking Boy's RC Car Inside
Credit Card Dispute Puts Long Hold On Credit
Utahns Will Get $630,000 From E-Book Settlement
How much money should the Tooth Fairy give for a tooth?
Woman Receives More Magazines Than She Bargained For
Used Car Report Makes Costly Omission
Good Question: Why Do Cats Hate Water?
Dangerous Hole In Sidewalk Can't Be Patched
Hobby Repair Shop Closes, Locking Unrepaired Items Inside
Man Struggles To Get His TV Warranty Honored
Sport Company's Promised Refund Never Came
Online Booking Company Adds Seven Hour Layover To Mans Flight
Cell Phone Company Cust. Service Unresponsive To Utah Customer
Harassing Collection Calls to Innocent Person
Good Question: What Causes Brain Freeze?
Family's Rental Deposit Not Refunded Despite Not Moving In
Stolen Credit Card Used To Scam Travelers
Order Canceled Without Refund
Outdated Seven Peaks Billboard Promises Wrong Price
Family Told To Pay For Braces, Twice
Little Warning Over Serious Power Steering Issues
Scammers Take Advantage Of The Olympics
Good Question: Why Do Boaters Name Their Boats?
The Fight Against Sneaky Charges on Cell Phone Bills
Hospital Sends Insurance Company Bill Too Late, Woman Told To Pay
If The Air Temp Is Cooler Than Our Body Temp, Why Is It So Hot?
New Credit Fix Program Works, Say Users
Update: How Long Would You Expect To Wait For A Refund?
How Long Would You Expect To Wait For A Refund?



Get Gephardt: One home with two alarms
(KUTV) Doris Moir says she has been happy with her Vivint home alarm system for many years. She signed up when the company was called APX.

Doris says that around the time APX changed its name

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