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Tuesday, June 18 2013, 07:17 AM MDT
BYU-Boise State Needs Help To Become A Rivalry
(KUTV) BYU lost to Boise State in 2003 and 2004. Thursday night they will meet for the first time in almost a decade. But this budding rivalry won't get off the ground if the Broncos' Head Coach has his way.

Fresh off an emotional rivalry game, BYU kicks off a 12 game series with Boise State. With the future of the BYU-Utah series in doubt, could there be room for the Cougars and Broncos to begin a natural rivalry?

For now it sound s like BSU coach Chris Petersen doesn't like the 12 game contract. "12 years?  Not really. No. No," Peterson said in his weekly press conference.

"We've got a tough league we are going be playing in and then you got a BYU team that you know is going to be good every year. That is a lot of years."

There are more than a few reasons Peterson does not like the 12 game series.

"Yeah 12-years. That is like they are in your league, you know, and they are not in our league.  But. Whatever. I think a lot of fans will like it, " Petersen concedes.

"I just hope they are our fans, all our fans in the stadium.  They got a lot of fans around here.  We will check the colors as we let them in the stadium, " He added.

And the final is reason Petersen doesn't like to play the Cougars, He likes Bronco and wants to pick his Brain, which can't happen too often if these two teams are constantly going head-to-head over the next decade.

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BYU-Boise State Needs Help To Become A Rivalry

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