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We are in the business of helping people succeed and businesses grow. Adults spend more time watching television than radio, newspaper or cable combined. In fact, people watching television is up 4% in our market and up 7.6% on KUTV.

We solve 2:00am problems. If you're up at night thinking about how you can make your next big sale / event a success. If you're up wishing that you could just have more people buy your product or service tomorrow, then KUTV will help.

We have 432 businesses who advertise on KUTV-Tv and they come back year after year because we deliver results for them.

There is a reason why when you go into any home, all the furniture faces the television set. You don't see the furniture facing the radio or facing toward the driveway, waiting for the newspaper to arrive.

Television works and it is the most cost-efficient advertising choice anyone can make.

Politicians have a one-day sale. It's called Election Day. They choose television by far over anything else to get their message across to their customers -- voters, in this case.

We can create the same demand for your business!

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